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  1. Love this station. I listen all day nearly every day. My only complaint is that many of the same songs are played every day. It seems that with so many thousands of easy listening songs available from the music archives of the last 40 years your programming algorithm might be expanded so that the same selections do not air quite as often. But I will still be tuned in every day as long as your format remains as Easy-Listening. Thanks for providing such a great alternative on the open airwaves!!

  2. Teresa,
    Thanks for the comments. Please let me know which songs you would like to hear, and we will get them scheduled into the playlist. We appreciate your continued support, and hope you continue to listen. We recently added approx 400 more songs from the 70’s, and re-added some popular 60’s and a few 50’s that I am sure will bring back some good memories.

    Feel free to email us at wefa925@gmail.com as well.
    If you know anyone interested in earning a few dollars, we are looking for salespeople. We pay up to 30% commission on sales. Typical ads run $1.00/read, with minimum 7/day. I can send you a rate card if you know anyone interested in advertising or sponsoring programs.
    Jim Trapani

  3. Just wondering what is going on with your broadcast on Sunday evenings at 8pm. Last week (Dec 31st) and tonight (Jan 7th) I suddenly just get dead air starting at 7:59pm. Programming problem?

  4. Technical glitch. THANKS for caring!

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